How did we get to the DILAX office today?

Most of us got here by train, bus or subway. Many colleagues ride their bikes, two even run along the Spree river to the office. Three live in the city’s surroundings and commute by regional train. Some people choose to use their own car, an e-scooter or a car-sharing service.

We live and work in Berlin. 3.6 million people live here, and the numbers increase each year. Making mobility an all important question. For each of us as individuals and for us as a company. City life has many facets. Just like we do – we are people who are passionate about the future of the city: how mobile, how social, how healthy, how secure, how active can we live in the city?

Cities are the future.

But what will it look like?

The world’s population is growing, and so are its cities. Some are even showing explosive growth like Delhi in India, Lagos in Nigeria and Guangzhou in China. In 2000, 371 cities worldwide had one million inhabitants or more. In 2030, 700 cities will be home to one million people or more.

Big tasks

Finding solutions together

How can we, our children and future generations not merely survive but lead a good life in cities? We need and want to find answers to this question. Because the challenges we face are gigantic, even today. Often there is a lack of essential necessities: reliable water and energy supplies, clean air, housing, work and safety, public transport, recycling facilities and nature. In many cases, schools and daycare centers, hospitals and doctor’s offices, sports clubs and cultural programs, community and nature are not available for everyone.

Cities are the decisive factor of how well we will reach the sustainability goals of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda. The tasks are enormous but together we can change cities and make them better. We are convinced that new technologies, new concepts and new ways of thinking will help.

Urban development

needs local data

DILAX has been working with local data since 1988: We develop and implement world class hardware to collect local data in urban environments. Our industry-specific analytic software solutions help public and private partners to gather relevant information from their local data in order to develop their city and make it more attractive for people to live in. It enables them to make informed decisions on how to ideally plan mobility concepts, to dynamically use workspaces in various ways, to turn stores and shopping centers into special experiences, and to design public spaces as meeting places for young and old.

We are a source of knowledge in 1,800 cities worldwide

Experienced sensor developers, programmers and engineers, IT specialists, drafters and production employees, sales and marketing experts – at our Berlin headquarters and our locations in Switzerland, France, Spain, Great Britain, USA and Canada, 160 employees are doing their part to contribute to the bigger picture: making urban life more enjoyable.

Public transport companies and associations as well as vehicle manufacturers all over the world are counting on us. Our ISO 9001, IRIS and CMMI certifications are always up to date. International brands and shopping centers, project developers, city planners, architects, BIDs and municipalities rely on our products and expertise – over 350 customers in 30 countries put their trust in us. What do all our partnerships have in common? Very high standards in what we do, how we do it and our vision: making cities better.


Recognizing and fulfilling them

We measure and analyze the way people move in urban environments – on subways and trains, in buses, on their way to work, school or the gym, in airports or shopping centers. Our sensors count approx. 110 million people in more than 8,200 vehicles and 2,500 stores each day. This local data provides you with answers. We transform them into valuable knowledge that supports you in planning and implementing better cities. It is fascinating and also demanding but we need ideas for the future and that’s what we are working for.


of strong data protection

We have been working with data for a long time and that’s why privacy is our top priority. Our products are GDPR compliant. The ePrivacy seal confirms our commitment and reliability in protecting our customers’ sensitive information. Our data protection officer continually checks that we meet the requirements at all times, even our technological innovations, and that we can guarantee the protection of all data.

Work with us:

for a better city.

We are not a start-up – we have too much experience. But we’re always ready to get started: for our customers and their tasks. We’re quick, flexible and full of ideas. As an innovative medium-sized company, we provide new foundations for urban development with our data sources and technical know-how. Urban life needs urban data.

We’re not saying we’re able to do everything. But the things we do we do to the highest standards. Because we have been DILAX for over 30 years and everything we do we do with the deepest conviction. And for a good reason, because all our lives are better in a better city – and that’s what we’re working for. And we would like to do this with you too.

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