The quality of regional and local public transport is turning into a matter of comfort. For most passengers this means: Do I have a seat? With seat occupancy detection, you can dynamically monitor the occupancy status and display information at the next stop or in the app in real time.

Seat Occupancy Detection & Reservation Displays

Help your passengers find free seats faster

Information on current occupancy status of a train car or compartment contributes to transparency in customer communication. With advance information, passengers are better prepared to find their reserved seat or a free one. They will be better distributed along the platform or at the stop, thus shortening boarding times. In combination with other local data, seat occupancy detection highlights potential and enables occupancy forecasts.

Added value

For transport operators and passengers

  • Seat occupancy is analyzed precisely
  • Enhanced information quality for passengers
  • Services are optimized as needed
  • Efficient planning of resources and maintenance intervals

DILAX Seat Management

At a glance

The system is suitable for buses, trams and trains. We recommend installing the sensor most appropriate for the type of seating, which then detects whether a seat is occupied or not. If it is, the sensor sends a message to the vehicle’s central unit. From there, the status is visualized on a display in the car and can also be transmitted to the upcoming stops or to the app.

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