For diverse and lively urban spaces you want to spend time in.

What would our city be like without any shops and markets, or any cafés and restaurants? Not a place we would enjoy spending time in. Livable cities thrive on us being out and about on the streets and relaxing in squares, buying our necessities and browsing for the things we need, want, and enjoy.

A vibrant city needs a variety of shops and services that satisfy our needs, provide comfort, save time but also fulfill our hearts’ desires.


Shopping spree 4.0

So easy to find

A friendly sales assistant welcomes me, I find what I'm looking for and ... am surprised. Maybe it smells like the beginning of autumn, colorful fall leaves are displayed on a screen and October by U2 is playing on the stereo – who could resist buying the cozy sweater, the hiking boots and the scarf in this scenario? No long lines for the fitting room and the checkout is fast.

When searching becomes finding, touching, experimenting and trying, that's when the joy to spend money begins. Then, my customers take home new inspiration and come back soon again. What makes customers happy? To answer this question, we have to know them.

What fascinates my customers today and tomorrow?

Do you know who visits your business? Where are they from? How often do they come in? What do your customers like? What are they missing? You could ask them. If you have the time. But you can also measure and test which factors change demands attractively every day – and why and how.

We provide retailers in neighborhood stores and on shopping streets, downtown, at the train station, the airport and in shopping centers with local data for meaningful answers to key questions for their business.

Always changing

For strong offers

Using local data captured with different sensor technologies and intelligent algorithms, we analyze customers' purchasing behavior on the shop floor – in compliance with data protection of course. Our software solution has been developed especially for retail and breaks down real-time data, showing which areas require action.

From the display window to the routes customers take in the store. From the room temperature, air quality and lighting to the waiting time at the checkout. From the Facebook campaign to the fitting room: There are many factors that make shopping a pleasurable experience. If you know them, you can use them for your sales success.

Our data is also valuable for expansion managers, starting with questions regarding the location. If you have hard facts about the surroundings, passer-by frequency and the relevant extrapolations, you will know what is going to be a profitable location.


is welcome everywhere

Your customers' experience begins with the atmosphere and the sales staff, the right product in the right place, in the fitting room or at the till. Your economic success begins with satisfied customers that turn into loyal returning customers.

And for us? It begins in the city we enjoy living in and with you! Because retail and service providers bring life to city centers. And that means a good quality of life. Every day.

Some questions that DILAX can help you answer

  • What characterizes shopping in the future?
  • How many customers are in my store?
  • What is my conversion rate?
  • What is my capture rate?
  • How long do my customers stay in my store?
  • How many employees do I need on a specific day?
  • What impact does the dwell time and return rate have on the conversion rate and the mean sales receipt?
  • How does the weather influence visitor frequency?
  • What is the proportion of male and female customers?
  • What effects do my advertising / promotion campaigns have?

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