Retail is detail, especially on the shop floor. Who are my customers? The answer to this question is essential for determining if marketing, products and customers align.

Male or female? Baby boomers, Gen Xers or millennials?
The DILAX Pyramics Pysense sensor answers these questions. The optical sensor captures anonymous data on age and gender as well as interaction times – important additional information that allows you to specifically address your targeted customers.

DILAX Pyramics Pysense

Age & Gender Recognition

With DILAX you can evaluate the efficiency of your marketing campaigns, visual merchandising as well as visitor profiles and structure.

Important features:

  • State-of-the-art system on module technology
  • Deep learning algorithms
  • Anonymous data collection in compliance with the current data protection regulation (GDPR)
  • Fully integrated capturing and processing of images
  • No transmission or storage of image data
  • Easy installation via power connection (USB)
  • Compact, minimal design

Selecting locations oriented towards target groups

Valid statements that will help you increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns, determine the location of a POS based on your target group as well as optimize product placement on the shop floor (visual merchandising).

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