Fleet Management with DILAX

Travel time, that’s the time when public transport makes money. Every delay, every cancellation, every time a vehicle is run empty means less revenue. We support your fleet management so you can be better on the streets and rails – every day, all year long.

The time you as traffic planners and public transport managers invest in intelligent fleet management pays off many times over. We are aware of this and that’s why we have developed a portfolio for you that focuses on public transport challenges in times of limited resources and growing demands.

Local Data

brings quality into the network

We measure passenger numbers, punctuality and occupancy in real time. Data such as passenger kilometers travelled is crucial for revenue sharing in transport networks. But collected local data will be even more important in the daily business of public transport companies in the future.

We also capture journey and vehicle data throughout the entire network. Our analytics tool Citisense combines data from the vehicles with information regarding timetables, times, locations and stops as well as other data sources such as ticket data, PIS data, mobile phone data local events, and calendar and weather data.

Facts turn into ideas

For decision-makers

The highly complex database Citisense provides you with dynamic reports for analyzing and evaluating the performance of your vehicle fleet via an individually configured dashboard. Even in real time. The data we use is validated, concise and convincing. By using algorithms and extrapolations, Citisense can even display your passengers’ behavior, such as movement patterns when changing trains or buses.

How satisfied were my passengers today?
Reports are an important basis for the work of planners and strategists in public transport companies and associations. DILAX Citisense correlates various relevant factors and visualizes the results on a daily basis and over time.

For one thing, it supports your evaluations: How well were our vehicles occupied this afternoon? And this week? This month? How punctual were we? How many cancellations were there?

What will satisfy our passengers tomorrow?
For another thing, the data helps you design future services. You can create forecasts and simulations of changed routes and stops.

This provides you with more security to strategically plan your resources: How many new vehicles do we need? Which vehicle type with how many seats would be best? How many passengers can we transport with it per day? How much additional personnel do we need?

Satisfaction x satisfaction = more passengers

More awareness of passengers’ needs and the ability to quickly react to changed demands in urban areas – these are crucial factors for us in order to create attractive services and thereby win new customers.

Because satisfied customers are increasingly important in urban transit. Not only do they travel stress-free and comfortably on trains and buses, but they also recommend these mobility services to friends and family. This is the best way to win others over to making the switch to using public transport.

DILAX Fleet Management is a key technology in urban areas – generating more customer satisfaction and more sales.


Intelligent fleet management brings new values to the balance sheet

  • Generating savings by optimizing processes: Documentation of
    all delays, cancellations, overcrowding of the fleet and other disruptions of operations.
  • Optimized timetable management: Higher availability of the fleet and less operational disruptions in the long term as well as in the short run.
  • More customer loyalty: Improved punctuality for passengers.
  • Cost reduction: A better CO2 balance for the fleet (identifying and improving fuel-intensive routes or vehicle types).
  • Proactive maintenance planning: Remote access to vehicle and DILAX APC data to proactively plan maintenance and repairs, thus reducing the need for repairs and time in the workshop.

Why is this important?

Everything is moving to maximize values

“Unexpected outages and failures in equipment can cost an organization significant amounts of time and money. This is because it prevents employees from doing their job, stalls production timelines and, depending on the industry, can cause huge amounts of lost customer trust.”
Jennifer Ho in Current

Fleet management is a challenging task these days. And it will get even more complex with an increase in e-mobility. That’s why we started early on to not only collect the necessary data with APC sensors in real time for everyone who wants to optimally deploy their vehicle fleet day in and day out with a forward-looking perspective, but also to be able to provide an intelligent tool for analysis and evaluation. Fleet management lowers operating costs and supports ideal vehicle planning on all routes.

Punctuality everyone can rely on

This research shows that punctuality is passengers’ number one priority, and further, that their satisfaction with punctuality is lower than their overall satisfaction with their bus service.
urbantransportgroup 2014

Being on time is more difficult in a big city than anywhere else. With Fleet Management’s real-time information on the vehicles’ locations and occupancy shown on digital maps, drivers and dispatchers can be informed about disruptions more quickly and can react faster accordingly. DILAX Fleet Management offers new perspectives for developing this quality standard. Because reliability and punctuality are the strongest arguments for public transport.

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